Visa Procedure

You will need to complete the visa application Online [VAF 9 (online application form) + appendix 8 for General Student], pay your fee and provide:

> Current passport (Minimum 6 months valid).
> Recent color passport-size photograph (45mm × 35mm white background).
> CAS from a licensed sponsor (dated no more than 6 months before the visa application is made. The date you apply is the date on your application fee receipt).
> Proof of maintenance – As proof of maintenance funds should be shown in the form of Bank pass book / Bank statement(Saving Accounts),Fixed deposits(28 days old balance) or Education Loan Letter. Funds should be in students name or parent’s name.
> Documents assessed by your sponsor when you were accepted onto the courses and specified in the CAS.
> ATAS clearance certificate if necessary for your course.
> Secure English Language Test certificate if required.
> Your biometric details (finger scans and digital photograph, taken at the visa application centre).
> Original specified documents and full and independently verifiable translations for documents not in English.
> T.B Certificate (please refer to the UKBA website).

Please ensure that you provide all supporting documentation with your application. If you do not provide all the mandatory information, your application will be refused. No further evidence can be accepted after you have made your application.

When and where should I make my Visa Application:-

> You should allow very good time to apply for visa. You can apply up to 3 months in advance of your intended date of travel, once you hold an unconditional offer of study(CAS). You need to attend a visa application centre (VAC) in person once you have schedule an appointment, with your completed online application form, supporting documentation and the visa fees. Please note that you are required to make appointment before you attend the visa application centre. There is no charge to make an appointment, unless you wish to use premium lounge or apply outside usual submission times (see the additional services page of the VFS website). Guidance on how to schedule an appointment is available at

> Your finger scan and photograph (biometrics) will be taken as part of the visa process. The VACs are operated by the Home Office’s commercial partner, VFS Global. Your application will be sent to the British High Commission to make a decision. When a decision has been made, your passport and documentation are returned to you through VFS. VFS has no role or influence in the visa decision-making process or the return of your documents.

Will I be Interviewed:-

> If you apply for a Tier 4 student visa, you may have to sit a short interview when you visit the visa application centre to submit your application and biometrics information.
> The interview will focus on your reason for coming to the UK; this is known as a credibility interview (You also need to have information on the University & the Courses to which you have applied).
> A report of the interview will be sent to the visa officer who will consider it alongside your visa application and supporting documents. You may be called for a further interview if the visa officer needs more information.

For How long will the visa be Valid:-

> Under Tier 4, your visa will be valid the duration of your course, plus a short period of between one week and four months at the end of your studies (depending on the level and duration of the course).

Can I work while I Study:-

> If you have Tier 4 General visa and are studying at degree level and above at a Higher Education Institution (HEI) or a Study Abroad Programme at an overseas HEI, you can work 20 hours per week in the term time and full time in the holidays.
> If you are studying at a publicly funded Further Education college or below degree level at an HEI, you may work 10 hours per week during term time and full time in the holidays.
> No other students may work on a Tier 4 visa. If you hold a short term student visitor visa you are not permitted to work.

Can I work in the UK after I have finished my studies:-

> The post study work visa stopped in April 2012, however, there continue to be opportunities under Tier 2 of the points based system for graduates to take up graduate level jobs in the UK with registered companies. Further details are to be found in the guidance at

> There is also new graduate entrepreneur scheme for those students who have world class innovative ideas to stay in the UK and develop their business. Further details are available at: immigration/working/tier1/graduate-entrepreneur/

Can I extend my Visa:-

You can apply to extend your Tier 4 visa in order to complete your course (up to 3 year below degree level) or for a further course of study at a higher level. You must apply before your existing visa expires and you will need a new CAS and proof of maintenance. Since July 2011, institutions must vouch that a new course represents genuine academic progression if the student wants to undertake further study in the UK. Since April 2012 students are able to study for a maximum of 5 years at and above degree level, with some exceptions.

What are some of the common reasons for refusing a Student Visa Application:-

Reasons include:

- Not meeting the maintenance requirements
- Supporting documents are not provided, not originals, not in the correct format or not translated
- Forged documents are submitted
- Incomplete Application
- Submitting an already used CAS
- Course description in the CAS is inadequate
- Correct translations are not provided
- Not submitting the correct evidence of relationship to parents when relying on their funding

What happens if the visa Application is Refused:-

Under the point based system it will be possible for you to ask for an Administrative Review (AR) if you believe that the wrong decision was made on the basis of the information you submitted. You will receive the AR request notice with your notification of refusal. This is a review of the original decision by a visa manager who was not involved in the original decision. You cannot submit any new information with an AR – it is therefore very important that you thoroughly prepare your visa application form and provide all necessary documents when you first apply. You may also make a fresh visa application, addressing the reason for refusal in the earlier application.