Why New Zealand?

Capital:- Wellington
Official Currency:- New Zealand Dollar (NZD)
Language:- English, Maori
Time Difference:- 6 hrs 30 mins ahead of IST
Climate:- Sub Tropical and Temperate climates respectively for North & South Island
Intakes:- February / July

New Zealand is around the same size as Japan or Great Britain. It has a population of just about and over 4 million people who are popularly & affectionately known as “KIWIS”. The people of New Zealand are easy going, warm & welcoming to their neighbors New Zealand famous for its scenery, is a great country- a fun place to visit & a superb destination for studying.

Quality education at comparable prices is the rationale behind New Zealand’s popularity. Studying in New Zealand gives you all the options of International Standards, competitive cost and a cosmopolitan culture. To top it all, state-of-the-art facilities, a safe environment and a fine student support system add to the country’s multiracial and multicultural warmth.

New Zealand essentially offers “Best of Both Worlds” Qualifications: The Best Thing about Studying in New Zealand is that the expenses involved are comparatively less than other major destinations in Overseas Studies. Coupled THE LESSER COSTS AND International recognition of its qualifications New Zealand offers “Best of Both World” qualifications.

1. New World Class Environment:- New Zealand Universities offer students a unique and safe learning environment known as the “New World Class” environment. Students educated in New Zealand’s educational environment are earning a reputation as a new breed of innovative thinkers and are enjoying career success all over the world.
2. International recognition of Courses & Degrees:- New Zealand qualifications are of high quality and have a reputation around the world for being practical, modern and desire. Most of the Universities have been taking International students for last 50-60 years and hence have gained a multicultural perspective offering a balanced curriculum which finds relevance in work place around the world. The same perspective enables it to offer excellent welfare services to students around the world. The polytechnics in New Zealand are known for the programs which are “Read to Enter the Job Markets”.
3. Regulations of the Education Industry:- To, ensure the quality of education, government agencies like the New Zealand Qualification authorities (NZQA), ministry of Education, the Tertiary education commission and many other area directly involved in the management of the New Zealand education system.
4. Earn Dollars while you study:- All students who are on a Student Visa can work upto 20 hours per week during semester and full time during vacation (i.e. 40 hours). Many New Zealand institutions offer a student employment service called “Student Job search” to help you find work.
5. Stay Bank Options in New Zealand:- Any student who has completed a qualification in New Zealand but does not have any job offer, he/she may be eligible for a Graduate Job Search Work Visa for a maximum of 12 months. Once there is an offer of employment, he/she can further apply for a visa upto two or three years under Study to Work Category.
6. Recreational Wonder World:- From the rugged mountains to the sandy beaches to grassy plains to glaciers, to flords, to active volcanoes and then lush green rainforests: New Zealand’s country side is quite unique and spectacular. New Zealand has been described as “Two Emerald Island in the Sea” or more recently the land of “The Lord of the Rings”. Famous for its natural geysers and spa’s, New Zealand offers a huge range of things to do and see.