Services We Provide

Career Counseling

Obviously, the main purpose of education is to achieve career goals. Unless the ‘career’ is carefully charted, education’s value is lost. At OEC, we not only guide students to plan their education, but also direct their ideas towards career planning, which is the ultimate goal for them. By providing counseling with expertise and experience, we help students to consider various options and guide them in the right direction. This will enhance value for their education, thus strengthening their approach for a stable and successful career.

OEC has professionals in its ranks, who have versatile qualifications and experience to suggest right career options. We also have latest data, updated regularly, which provides necessary inputs on the opportunities, scope, prospects and financial rewards in any given field of work.

Country Selection

How do you choose when there are different countries offering world-class education? How do you determine which country is right or wrong, given the fact that you may not have knowledge about a country or its circumstances fully?

OEC makes all the difference in guiding you. We will provide you with unbiased information on all the countries that we provide services and steer you in the right direction – UK, USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND.

Please click on the link below for more information on each country
1. UK
2. USA

Course Selection

When there are thousands of courses, with multiple specializations and unlimited options, it is difficult for a student to make the right choice. OEC’s expertise will make all the difference for you in this aspect.

We have detailed and up to-date information on all the courses at all levels (Certificate, Diploma, Bachelors, Masters etc.) in all the countries. Our counselors will extensively review this information, make a careful selection and suggest you the right course, based on your preference, academic background and future plans.

FInance Guidance

OEC helps applicants with all the information on Finance & educational loans given by Banks in India, their procedures and requirements.

Pre-Departure Guidance

The Pre- Departure Orientation sessions hosted by "OEC” from time to time, gives you an opportunity to meet other students (and their parents) who are heading abroad and to the same university/Country. This will help you in settling down easily into your new host country
Foreign Exchange: OEC is equipped to take care of your foreign exchange needs. Our ties with various banks and Thomas Cook ensures that your money is exchanged into any currency required at the best possible rate.

Debit Card: Students often prefer debit cards to cash to cover their day to day costs. A debit card is always useful in times of emergency, or an unforeseen expense. For this reason we assist the student in obtaining debit cards that can be used all over the world.
OEC help you with information and assistance in obtaining temporary accommodation, local help with the universities and any other issues. OEC will help your transition to the new environment without hassle, by providing you invaluable first hand information about various aspects like:
Advise on accommodation and arrangement
Advise Local transportation
Purchase of house hold items
Driving license
Getting a part time job
Practical advice on living
Do’s and don’ts in a foreign country
Help in socializing with community

Travel Assistance

We at OEC have tied up with few Travel Agents in India for booking Tickets and for Foreign Exchange.

Please do contact us for more informations.

Visa Guidance

At OEC, we make sure that you succeed in getting your visa! Our professional approach and guidance will improve the visa chances and ensures that you reach your dream land, not with just an admission.

We will give you time-tested and latest information on,
Documents required for visa interview
Guidance on financial documentation
Visa application procedures
Interview preparation through mock interview sessions
Expected questions (and answers, if necessary) and
Tips for successfully getting through the interview (when necessary)

Visa Interview

With this specialized and customized preparation from OEC, facing the interview for visa will become easier for you since you will be fully confident of what to do or not to do and how to tackle difficult questions and situations.

Self-confidence, proper planning, preparation and presentation are the key aspects to succeed in the visa interview – for that matter, any interview. OEC makes sure that you, the applicant, are fully prepared to handle all these aspects successfully and get the coveted Student Visa.